Meet The Locals: Revolution Style Hub’s Marisa White

As real estate agents, we know that styling a property before it goes on sale usually results in a high sale price and less time spent on the market.

For some of our properties we use Marisa White from Revolution Style Hub, and this week she chats to us about why property styling works and where she finds inspiration.

Hi Marisa. Thanks for fitting a chat in between all of your property styling work. Is there a rush happening right now?

Yes, there definitely is a rush prior to Christmas, particularly this year as the property market has hit a high note. Over the last year or so people discovered the benefits of working from home, and now they have a desire to create a dedicated space in the home specifically for work. This, along with other contributing factors (like low-interest rates and government support packages) has really propelled the property market boom forward.

So you’re doing what you love… just more of it. How did you get into property styling?

I knew I wanted to work in the design space from a young age. I attended Lidcombe TAFE to study Interior Decorating when I finished school, then went to COFA UNSW where I completed a Bachelor of Design. After my studies, I landed a job in visual merchandising at a furniture store, and from there I ventured into property styling.

What does property styling entail and what’s your approach?

Essentially, it’s all about making a property stand out. Revolution Style Hub is based centrally in Bankstown, but we service all of Sydney. I style federation homes, bungalows, city apartments and all sorts of properties. The first step is visiting the site and getting a feel for the space. From there I generally know what kind of furniture will work aesthetically. Then it’s all about the furnishings – artworks, cushions, lamps and the like. The job entails pulling all these components together.

How do you physically get all of the pieces together after you have worked it out visually?

We have a warehouse full of furniture and accessories, although sometimes I purchase pieces here and there to tie a property together. After the visual work, it’s all about preparation – packing all of the equipment and then setting it up at the property.

Would you say property styling adds value to a sale?

Absolutely! I find that generally properties that have been professionally styled achieve higher sales prices and spend a shorter time on the market when compared to properties that haven’t been styled. First impressions really do count! Having a space that is beautifully presented engages a buyer to connect emotionally. A well-styled property allows the buyer to picture themselves in the space.

How do you know what design aesthetic will appeal to the right buyer?

We don’t always need to follow the latest trends. When it comes to property styling, I tend to work with beiges, greys and other neutral colours as a base, then add pops of colour with artworks and soft furnishings… we have hundreds of cushions at the warehouse. The idea behind property styling is to appeal to a wide demographic while accentuating the best features of a home.

Everyone loves a cushion. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere. I am constantly reading design magazines and scrolling through posts on Instagram. I follow a bunch of stylists and we engage with each other, as inspiration can often evolve through conversations. And I spend many weekends perusing furniture stores. I can’t help myself.

Thinking of selling?

Just researching the market?

Do you have a favourite type of property to style?

I really enjoy pulling together a modern city apartment that is both simple and chic. I typically use a neutral colour palette as the base, add dynamism with a few abstract paintings, then add layers and texture with cushions, throw rugs and accessories.

When it comes to larger houses, do you have to style the whole place?

At Revolution Style Hub we offer a variety of services, so clients can choose what best suits their needs. Style to shoot is an option for those with a smaller budget, and essentially this means I style just some of the rooms. Not everyone realises that you can style just part of a property.

So you can present a property that is on sale with only some of the rooms styled?

Even styling a few essential rooms can provide potential buyers with an idea of how each space in a home could look and feel. In cases like this, we almost always style the rooms that will be presented in the marketing campaign to draw in potential buyers – for example, the master bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom – and leave out rooms people can more easily envision.

That makes sense. It’s all about presenting the potential buyer with ideas and a lifestyle they can imagine, right? Anything we should watch out for in 2022 in terms of design trends?

Lifestyle will be a determining factor with new trends for 2022 as the pandemic has made such an impact over the past year. We are finding that people are working from home on a more regular basis, so the workspace and the desire for a more generous layout has become crucial when searching for a property.

Thanks for sharing your ideas, Marisa. Happy holidays.

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Article by Brendon Clark
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